Policies & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  1. Prejudicial behavior to the proper use of the center is forbidden.
  2. Writing on books, mutilation or tearing of pages of a book and taking out without permission any material or property are strictly prohibited. Violators shall be subject to suspension or expulsion as the case may be or to a fine recommended by the CLIR Director.
  3. Students are expected to maintain silence at all times in the library.
  4. Eating (including chewing of gum), sleeping, smoking, defacing furniture, writing on walls and tables, and other forms of misbehavior shall be punishable according to MCL rules and regulations.
  5. Use of watch alarms, mobile phones and pagers are not allowed in the center. They should be switched off or in "silent mode" before entering the center.
  6. Seats in the center may not be reserved.
  7. No bags [except for pouches and small shoulde bags], blue prints, mechanical drawing boards and cases or parcels larger than 15 [L] x 10 [H] x 6 [T] inches may be brought into the center. The center shall not be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings of users.
  8. Please note that the center personnel has the right to:
    • Ask users to leave the library if they are inappropriately dressed or are causing a disturbance
    • Remove any book, file, bag, food or any other personal belongings left on the reading tables.
  9. Personnel including security guards assigned to the center must be accorded due courtesy.
  10. The center shall be open from seven o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the afternoon from Mondays to Saturdays.
  11. The following must obtain a clearance from center:
    • Teaching and non-teaching employees and administrators who are resigning or applying for a leave of absence, or are separated from the College.
    • Students who apply for honorable dismissal.
    • Graduating students.


  • Students who are officially enrolled for the term do not need to register to avail of the services of the center. This becomes automatic upon payment of appropriate matriculation fees and issuance of the Certificate of Matriculation (CM).

Access to Library Materials

The On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) service is available to all users of the resource center including outside researchers who present the appropriate requirements.

Outside Researchers

Researchers from other school can only be accommodated during Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM maximum of 5 researchers per school per visit can be allowed, researcher must pay P 50.00 per head and present their referral letter from their school librarian.

Loan Policies

General Loan Policies

  1. CLIR patrons must present their valid MCL issued ID when borrowing materials. Borrowing must be done in person. The borrower must see to it that all materials in their possession have been properly checked out before leaving the center.
  2. CLIR patrons are held responsible for all materials charged to their names via the automated circulation system and date due slips.
  3. The borrower must ensure that items checked out to him/her are returned on or before the date due. Notices sent by CLIR serve only as a reminder and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve anyone from paying fines or other penalties.
  4. Borrowers may not "sub-lend" books and other library materials.
  5. Borrowers shall be held responsible for any mutilation [including defacement] found in materials when returned. They must check and report any mutilation found before borrowing the materials.
  6. All materials must be returned immediately when recalled.
  7. Materials are considered to be on loan to members until the materials are properly checked in. Loans must have been cancelled before leaving the counter.
  8. Borrowers must report the loss of a material to the circulation section of the Library. Fines shall be charged according to the rates of fines, from the date due to the date when the material was reported lost, or if found, until the date the material is returned.
  9. Borrowers who lose a material are liable for payment of the current cost of the material [including binding costs if applicable] or replace the material with the current edition/issue or copy [preferably hard bound for books].
  10. External patrons are not allowed to take home materials. Materials borrowed are for center use only.
  11. Fines are charged on overdue materials. Fines must be paid before the next loan transaction
  12. Patron privileges shall be suspended if overdue materials are not returned on time.
  13. Photocopying services shall be provided subject to copyright laws.

Specific Loan Policies

Fiction & General Collection

  • A maximum of two (2) books may be borrowed at one time)
  • Overdue fine: PhP10.00 a day/book (including Sundays)

Circulation Books

  • One week loan period
  • A maximum of three (3) books may be borrowed at one time
  • Overdue fine: PhP10.00 a day/book (including Sundays)

Reserve Books

  • One (1) reserve book may be borrowed for overnight use, but must be returned not later than 10:00 AM the next school day
  • Overdue fine: PhP2.00 an hour or 20.00 a book/day (including Sundays)

General Reference and Filipiniana Collection

  • Non-circulating
  • Photocopying of selected book pages shall be handled at the reference desk.

Periodicals (Journal, Magazine, etc.)

  • Current periodicals/Bound Periodicals: For room use only
  • Photocopying of articles shall be handled at the periodical desk


  • Room use only
  • Faculty/ Employee may borrow the material for 3 days
  • A maximum of two (2) materials may be borrowed at one time.
  • Overdue fine: P50.00 a day/material (including Sundays)

Audio Cassettes, Videotapes, Slides, etc.

  • Two-day check-out
  • A maximum of two (2) materials may be borrowed at one time.
  • Overdue fine: P50.00 a day/material (including Sundays)

Examination Papers, etc.

  • For room use only.
  • Any person who consults archival collections, academic exercises or research studies must not quote from them without due acknowledgment.

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