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The Center for Learning and Information Resources [CLIR] welcome the first batch of Malayans (Alpha) on June 18, 2007 which was the start of MCL’s first academic year. CLIR collection comprises the following sections: General, Reference and the Periodicals. Also included are the Filipiňana, Fiction and Multi-Media collection.

We provide materials and services to meet the instructional, research, and extension needs of the faculty and students of MCL. Thus, CLIR is for the College of MITL, ETYCB, CAS, CMET, and CIT. Our resource centre is building and strengthening collection relevant to MCL college curriculum and research.

CLIR in the campus are in WIFI environment. Thus, students, faculty and staff can bring their own laptops and tabs for internet access and other information resources.


Vision. CLIR exists in support of the teaching, research and extension functions of MCL. It shall serve the needs of the academic community, specifically the students and the faculty members through equitable access to high quality information resources and services.

Mission. Guided by the goals and objectives of MCL, CLIR affirms itself to be the resource center of excellence in information, especially in the field of technology through the following objectives:

  • Procure, organize and provide a well-balanced collection to complement the academic programs of MCL;
  • Provide and maintain appropriate facilities and equipment that shall enable users to fully utilize the center’s resources;
  • Produce skilled researchers by providing timely and instant access to various formats of information in any part of the country and of the world;
  • Create an environment that encourages learning through quality services; and,
  • Develop an efficient staff that shall guide students and other researchers in their quest for learning.
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