AI Tools

For Accessibility

  • Audiopen is an AI-powered dictation tool that transforms voice notes into refined text.
  • Magic ToDo is a tool developed by Goblin Tools, a collection of small, simple, single-task tools designed to help with overwhelming or difficult tasks.
  • Natural Reader is a comprehensive text-to-speech tool that uses natural-sounding AI voices to read texts from different sources like documents, webpages, and eBooks.

For Librarians

  • Librari is an AI-powered interactive learning assistant that assists students and library patrons with a wide range of research and creative pursuits.

For Presentations

  • Canva Magic Studio is powered by AI to generate presentations, images, social posts, and small videos. Other features include instant reformatting, AI editing, and text generation.
  • Curipod is an interactive presentation tool for making lessons. One can create their own lessons or use the AI generator to create engaging and interactive lessons and activities.
  • Invideo AI is a cloud-based video creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to help users create videos quickly and easily.
  • Tome AI is an AI app that automates presentation creation using a variety of AI-powered tools.

For Reading

  • AI Bookstore is an AI-powered tool that helps users find books that align with their interests and preferences.

For Research

  • is an AI tool that lets you listen to any academic paper in audio format.
  • ChatPDF is an AI chatbot that can tell you everything about your PDF.
  • Connected Papers is a visual tool to help researchers and applied scientists find academic papers relevant to their field of work.
  • Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to find insights in research papers.
  • Elicit is an AI tool to find 'seed articles' to mine for keywords/subject headings. When you enter a question, it returns alternate questions that can lead to further "seed" articles. Elicit was developed by the company Ought.
  • Explainpaper is an AI-powered platform that helps readers understand complex academic research papers quickly and easily.
  • Research Rabbit is a free online citation-based literature mapping tool.
  • SciSpace from TypeSet is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance researchers' understanding of academic papers.
  • Scite is a Brooklyn-based startup that helps researchers better discover and understand research articles through Smart Citations–citations that display the context of the citation and describe whether the article provides supporting or contrasting evidence.
  • Semantic Scholar is a free AI-powered research tool for scientific literature.

For Teaching

  • Brisk Teaching is an AI coteacher that speeds up curriculum writing, grading, and changing the reading levels of news articles so educators can work less and teach more.
  • Conker is an AI-powered platform that enables users to create interactive and engaging quizzes with ease.
  • Diffit is an AI-powered tool that helps teachers to create differentiated activities in the classroom.
  • Eduaide.Ai is an AI-driven platform that helps educators create lesson plans, teaching resources, and assessments.
  • Education Copilot is a comprehensive set of AI tools built for teachers. Following prompts, it can provide AI-generated lesson plans, writing prompts, educational handouts, quizzes, project outlines, parent emails, and more.
  • Magic School is a set of tools for assisting teachers with developing lesson plans, designing assignments, generating materials, creating newsletters, and several other tasks.

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